Neat Hair Removal with Home Epilator 💫

Hair removal concerns that always arise in the summer - Arms and legs are exposed When you go out without removing your hair The moment I see hair... I feel very embarrassed.

Since I’m originally a male partner, it’s with permission (haha)
I used an epilator for shaving.
Maybe it's because it's a men's razor, but it's pushed hard.
Dead skin cells appear on the limbs and scars occur easily.
So these days, it is recommended for women.
I'm using this pink shaver.

First, it's pretty ♡
In a soft curve to a compact size
You can easily hair removal anytime, anywhere ~

The components are simple :)
Includes main body, holder, pouch, cleaning brush, blade cover, and charging cable.
It's very simple to use too
Even those who are not good at mechanics can use it easily.

Curved design with a good grip
It is very light at 128g.
It's very convenient to remove hair with one hand :)
Also, both dry and wet are possible.
The blade does not touch the skin directly.
You can use it safely without worrying about scarring or staining.

If you're going on a long trip, you should take at least a razor with you.
Even if your arms and legs are different, it's good for summer travel
I can't not remove my armpit hair... ;ㅅ;
Even in that case, if you put the components in the pouch,
You can easily carry it haha

Charging time is approximately 90 minutes.
Fast charging is possible in 1.5 hours
You can charge and use it quickly when you're in a hurry.

Let’s look at the razor blade first.
It is not sharp even if you touch it with your hand.
Great for people with sensitive skin :-)
If you look closely, there are two trimmers.
There are straight and curved shapes so it can be used differently depending on the area.
The straight type is mainly recommended for flat areas such as arms and legs.
Curve trimmer is used for areas such as armpits and bikini line.
Good to use when removing long hair
I tried both and found the straight type.
In general, it dries better haha.
And for more perfect hair removal
After removing hair using the trimmer at the end
Place the central rotating blade in close contact with the skin.
Short hair can be shaved cleanly.

And a green moisture patch - !!!
To reduce irritation even when the razor blade touches the skin
It's equipped :-)
A patch containing aloe and vitamin E.
If you use it wet, the moisturizing ingredients will dissolve.
It can lubricate and protect the skin.
After using this patch for about 6 months
It's better to replace it.

And the blade cover included is
Great for adjusting the length of long hair :-)
Areas that require length adjustment, such as the bikini line
After putting on the blade cover, you can adjust the length and amount of hair.
But maybe it's because I'm not used to covers like this.
It kept falling out while I was using it ;ㅅ;
I think it will take some time to get used to it.

Then I'll try it :-)
Press and hold the power button on the main unit for 2 to 3 seconds.
The remaining battery power is displayed and vibration turns on.
Lightly click once more to switch to normal/high-speed mode.
I can adjust it
In case of high-speed mode, an icon that looks like a ‘settings’ appears.
You can remove hair a little harder
The mode you set in this way is automatically saved.
It will remain the same the next time you turn it on.

And when carrying it around or at home with pets or children.
A safe lock mode is also set to prevent danger.
If you press and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds,
Lock mode is set and a lock icon appears.
If you want to turn it off, just press and hold it for more than 3 seconds.

If you use it for a while and turn it off,
The operating time is displayed briefly and then turns off :-)
This indicates that it worked for less than 1 minute.

In addition to this, the display
Because the rotation blockage or cleaning alarm icon appears,
You can also take care of it thoroughly after use.
Then let’s try it out ourselves!
I turned on the power and removed the hair on my arms in normal mode.
When removing hair, push in the opposite direction of hair growth.
It gets pushed around easily haha.
I then switched to high-speed mode and shaved my leg hair.
The high-speed mode definitely moves more cleanly.
Because I usually pull out my hair and take care of it.
I tend to have some sparse, light hair.
So there is no dramatic difference.
The hair was definitely removed cleanly without any residue.
This kind of soft hair is harder to shave.

Because it cleanly removes even the smallest hairs.
It is best to wash it immediately after use.
Thoroughly brush the trimmer with the included cleaning brush.

Then hold the razor blade head with one hand.
It can be easily separated by pulling it upwards.
There's a lot of hair left inside here too.
You can brush it with a cleaning brush or wash it with water.

With IPX7 waterproof rating
It's safe to wash with water :-)
After removing the head like this, rinse it once.
You can use it after it is completely dry.

During drying or storage
It looks neat when placed on a dedicated stand.

As it is an electric razor, it removes hair gently and without irritation.
After completely adhering to the skin, gently sweep it.
It slides so well that it almost puts a men’s razor away.
With 2 trimmers, a net in the middle, and a blade cover.
You can fine-tune the amount and length of hair.
Recommended for those looking for a non-irritating home hair remover.

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